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LOSE CUSTOMERS due to Communication Overload

In 2020, 83% of consumers have used text messaging to engage with businesses according to a recent study. This is aligned with the overall trend of messaging becoming the primary communication platform connecting consumers and businesses, across a variety of industries. 


Service providers such as Realtors, Loan Officers, Car Dealers and many more who use their mobile phones for sales and fulfillment are struggling to manage the high volume of customer inquiries. Lack of responsiveness and organized task management is creating poor experiences on both sides. 


The outcome - Lost deals and bad reviews! 


Convert Business Conversations to Won Deals 

We’re setting out to disrupt customer <-> business interactions through personalization and automation. Our communication App enables Service Providers to instantly respond with personalized messages and next steps across all platforms (as if they hired a 24/7 Assistant), convert conversations into actionable tasks and workflows, and work as a team to win deals. We don’t aspire to be another CRM, our integration functionality will allow us to connect with a variety of tools and platforms.


>10X ROI by

Closing 1 Deal per year! 

Linking communication and task management through AutoDelegate has many benefits including saving time, reducing confusion and increasing customer (and your own staff’s) satisfaction. Our pilot has shown that saving 1 additional deal with AutoDelegate translates to 10X ROI or more… no brainer!